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Pasadena Dentist, Dr. Joseph Abe, DDS, is known for his caring and gentle attitude, as well as the extensive dental services he offers. His staff are equally revered and cherished for their compassion and interest in their patients and their comfort. Read some of our reviews and see what our patients have to say about our practice.

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One of The Best Dentists Around

Dr. Abe is one of the best dentists around! I have been going to him for years & I can’t say enough about him & his outstanding staff. For someone who dislikes getting his teeth cleaned, he makes it a breeze! His whole staff are all pro’s & makes my time in the chair easy.  It’s hard to find a dentist who you can trust. I would highly recommend Dr. Abe for your whole family.


A Nice, Gentle Dentist

I love Dr. Abe and his hygienists. Dr. Abe is a very nice and gentle dentist. The hygienists are all easy to get along with and do great cleanings. My favorite part about the office is that they offer cleaning appointments at 7 am. That makes it very easy to have a cleaning in the morning and get to work on time. I would highly recommend this office.


A Warm and Welcoming Office

I went to Dr. Abe for my yearly exam and ended up needing a bit of work.  Everyone in this office is professional, knowledgeable, and very thorough.  The office environment is warm and welcoming, and Dr. Abe himself could not be more kind, generous, skilled, and funny.  During my exam, we had such a wonderful conversation that I forgot about the work on my teeth and truly had a fabulous time at the dentist!  That is not something that most people could say about their dental visits.

The office opens very early during the week, and they have hours available on Saturday also which means that seeing the dentist does not mean you have to miss time at work.  The office was very clear about billing and what was covered under my insurance plan and the charges for services were very reasonable.   I recommend Dr. Abe and his staff without reservation.  They are wonderful and make your trip to the dentist as pleasurable as possible.


Sweet, Friendly, Competent Dentist

Dr. Abe is a sweet, friendly, very competent dentist. He makes visiting the dentist a breeze, particularly for someone who hates visiting the dentist. I have horrible teeth- it runs in my family. My aunt, dad, and siblings all have bad teeth. I floss and brush and use all the products I should, but my gums bleed and I usually have to get a half dozen cavities fixed every year. I’m in my 20’s and had already had two root canals by the time I first came to Dr. Abe.

My insurance had changed, and I had to leave my old dentist- not a big deal because I hadn’t cared for her much, anyway. I found Dr. Abe in a tall old building near town hall and decided to give him a chance.

In the two years he was my dentist, he was really great. Kind, caring, and once he got to know me, he made it clear that he would never give me the lectures and guilt-trips that I had been used to with other dentists.

He volunteers for the ski patrol and is a very energetic older man. I thought he was adorable, and his staff are kind and very competent. I think that his dental work saved me from much more invasive/painful procedures in the long run. Recommended whole-heartedly!



"Dr. Abe is a sweet, friendly, very competent dentist."

- D.D.


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